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Australia Vehicle Shipping

Motor vehicles and personal items can be shipped from the UK to Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane & Adelaide ports by either a 40 foot container service, 20 foot container service or the Roll On Roll Off (Ro/Ro) car ferry service. We provide a safe and competitive international car Shipping to Australia for saloons, convertibles, classic and vintage cars, trailers, caravans etc.

Taking into account shipping costs, market values here and overseas, you need to know if it's worthwhile or whether in fact you'd be better off selling and replacing your car with a vehicle that satisfies custom requirements.

Your car will require a Vehicle Import Approval, to be cleared through customs in Australia, quarantined and registered before you can safely drive in Australia. Proper valid insurance must be available for the car. The car has also to meet the safety requirements. The vehicle must be clean. The soil under the car must be cleaned off. Australia is especially particular about this. The antenna must be retracted. The items in the car which are not secured well must be removed. The car must have been modified to the safety standards required. There must be only just enough fuel to drive to a fuel station. Alarm systems should be disabled.

Requirements for booking shipment:

- Copy of Log book send by scan/fax.
- Consignee details.
- Engine number of vehicle.
- Chasis number of vehicle.
- Consignee details (person collecting vehicle at destined port).
- Registration mark of vehicle.

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