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Botswana Import Custom Regulations

Vehicles imported on change of residence:

One car per family, the personal property of the importer, owned and used by him for not less than twelve months before his departure for Botswana, may be imported without payment of duty. Under this concession the car may not be offered, advertised, lent, hired, leased, pledged, given away, exchanged, sold or otherwise disposed of in the Common Customs Area within a period of 20 months form the date of entry or the vehicle unless the appropriate duties are paid.

A declaration on Form CE 101, together with documentary evidence of ownership and use abroad, such as photocopies of the Registration Book. Insurance Certificates etc., will be required to support any application for this rebate.

Cars imported by temporary visitors (coming into Botswana for a period not exceeding 14 days)

Non - residents visiting the Common Customs area for a limited period are normally required to produce a carnet, triptyque or bill of entry (any duty liability thereon being secured by bond or cash deposit) in respect of their car.

A simplified system involving a Temporary Import Permit is applied to cars imported from any member country of the Common Customs Area. Failure to produce a valid Temporary Import Permit whenever required to would render applicable sales tax being due and payable and penalty charges being preferred against the importer.

Customs Clearance in Botswana

The customs clearance system in place in Botswana is such that any individual or company that wants to import or export cargo (cars /personal items) should do so on their expertise or through the services of a clearing agent.

Disclaimer: Customs regulations are subject to changes. The information above is a concise summary of customs regulations which is effected on household goods and car shipment to this destination and is being provided as guidance to assist our clients.Because these regulations are subject to change without notice, Fastlane Car Shipping cannot be held liable for any costs, damage, delays, or other outcomes resulting from non - conformity. Always double check with your local embassy or custom authorities.

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