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Canada import Custom Regulations

  • Customer has to be present at customs clearance, failure will result in bonded storage at customers expense.
  • Used household goods and personal effects may be duty - free if Customer was a resident of Canada returning after an absence of at least one year or was a former resident who has been a resident of another country for at least one year.
  • All shipments are subject to inspection
  • If Customer has been residing outside Canada for at least a year, but less than five years, household goods and personal effects must have been in Customer's ownership, possession and use for at least six months (Bill of Sale and Registration documents required to prove age)
  • Items must not be sold or lent within one year of importation
  • Air shipments must be cleared within 48 hours to avoid storage charges

Vehicle regulations

  • Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety and Emission control regulations apply
  • Cars over 15 years old are subject to different regulations and costly modifications may be required
  • Vehicle must bear the "Statement of Compliance" label affixed by the manufacturer
  • Car may be subject to local taxes but are duty - free
  • Form K - 22, immediate registration and licensing is required for exemption from duties

Documents required:

  • Car registration documents
  • Proof of ownership

It is important for any person while shipping a car to Canada to realize the rules and regulations in Canada for carrying out the shipping process i.e. there are some shipping restrictions which you have to familiarize yourself with before proceeding with the shipment. Knowing the rules and regulations while shipping a car to canada would enable the shipping process to be completed with utmost safety and ease of mind. The port of entry of shipped cars in canada is normally vancouver / montreal.

Disclaimer: Customs regulations are subject to changes. The information above is a concise summary of customs Import Regulations which is effected on personal items & car shipment to this destination and is being provided as guidance to assist our clients.Because these regulations are subject to change without notice, Fastlane Car Shipping cannot be held liable for any costs, damage, delays, or other outcomes resulting from non - conformity. Always double check with your local embassy or custom authorities.

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