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Import Custom Regulations in Czech Republic

Before the registration of a motor vehicle imported into Czech Republic, the car must be inspected by the Technical Inspection Unit (TIU). Certificate issued by this unit is valid for three months for the purpose of registration.

If importation is done for five or less vehicles of the same make in 1yr, inspection will be necessary for each vehicle based on the request of the importer, individual. If more than five vehicles are imported in 1yr of the same make, no further inspections are necessary for other imports that have already been approved.

Requirements for registration of motor vehicles:

  • Proper technical condition including a low emission rate (a catalytic converter is not a must)
  • Technical specification of the vehicle
  • Car manual
  • Mirrors on both sides of vehicles should be in place
  • Gasoline tank with a lock
  • A steering wheel on the left side only

Please contact the Transport Inspectorate or the Police Department of the Ministry of Interior before importing a car into the Czech Republic. The address is:

Policie Ceske republiky
Sprava hl. m. Prahy
Sekce Sluzby Dopravni Policie
Kongresova 2
140 00 Praha 4
Czech Republic

Telephone: 420 - 261 - 001 - 351

The registration of a vehicle is not valid until its technical conditions meet all the requirements as mentioned above. Such registration enables the owner to travel abroad with the vehicle as well. The possibility for import duty exemption is governed by Regulation No 93/1993 Coll. and the basic condition is that the owner of the car in question has stayed abroad for a period of time longer than 12 months, and has been using the car for at least six months before its shipment to the Czech Republic.

The registration of vehicles imported by foreigners into the Czech Republic is not mandatory providing the vehicle is not driven in the Czech Republic for a period exceeding one year. Such vehicles will be cleared by customs for temporary import duty - free if they serve to meet the personal needs of the owners during their stay in the Czech Republic and will be exported from the country upon their departure.

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