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Car Shipping to Italy

We specialize in shipping Cars and Motorcycles from UK to italy.

We can either ship the cars on Ro/Ro( roll on/roll off) or in containers. Each basis or method has its advantages, with Ro/Ro overseas shipping your car will need to be taken to the port and then secured inside the special vehicle carrier ship. What it involves is the car will driven onto the vessel at the point of origin and then drive it off the vessel at the point of destination.

Fastlane shipping can load 3 and 4 cars per container. We recommend loading 3 cars per container to Europe (Cyprus, Holland, Malta, Germany and France) and loading 4 cars to Africa / Middle East.

We also offer regular groupage service to Italy, Germany, Holland, Cyprus, Italy, Jamaica, Kenya, Tanzania, South africa, Malta & Belgium.

In our specialist car shipping & transportation overseas services, we understand that your car is your pride and sending it abroad to an overseas destination can be a stressful experience. Our overseas car shipping services removes all the hassles with services such as our exclusive container service where only your car is inside a 20 foot or 40 foot container to our shared container service where your car can be loaded into a container which has either another car or other items going to the same destination. It’s cheaper than you think just ask! You can deliver your car to us or we can arrange pick up and delivery of you car to make things easier.

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