Shipping to Angola (Luanda port) – Ro/Ro or Container car exports.

Importers are advised to get a Tax Payer ID Number issued by the National Directorate of Taxes of the Ministry of Finance.

Cargo valued at $4,999 (CIF) or more which are imported into Angola by shipping companies, are subject to Inspection (PSI) at the point of origin.If an individual is shipping by own means, this measure applies to goods valued at $10,000 CIF or more. BIVAC INTERNATIONAL, is the inspection company authorized by the Angolan Government to carry out the inspections. Cost of inspections will be paid by the Angolan Government. It is essential to get intouch with BIVAC or government agencies, as pre – inspection can also apply to other cargo, irrespective of value. The importer is asked to get the pre – inspection process in Angola, before arranging for shipment, by submitting a Proforma Invoice of the goods to be imported in Angola to the Ministry of Commerce (stamping and registration).

Once all documents required are submitted, the inspection team will provide a clean report of findings, which should go hand in hand with other customs documentation in order for the goods to be cleared in Angola. A Custom Broker should be used as its essential for all imports exceeding $ 1000 CIF.

Exporters to Angola must apply to Customs before the arrival of cargo, its absolutely important to adhere to this regulations.An Exporter Code is used to fill in the customs declaration. The entry processing system will reject applications which do not contain this data.

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