South Africa Vehicle Shipping

If you need a competitive quote for shipping your car to South Africa, or you are moving to south africa and need your household items shipped, you will find our prices the best because we have been able to negotiate affordable Shipping Rates. The volumes we move every month has put us in contention as one of UK’s leading international shipping company. We are best placed to provide the cheapest quotes for your move overseas.

Returning residents are allowed to take their household and personal items back to South Africa without paying import duties or VAT.

This is providing that they can proof that they were in the UK for more than 6 months for purposes other than touring or studying and can produce both an inventory of the goods and proof of change of residence. A rebate of duties may be applicable to immigrants and also to South African residents returning permanently to South Africa after obtaining permanent residence status in the UK.

To proceed with your booking, we will only need the following to secure shipment;
– Copy of Log book send by scan / fax
– Engine number of vehicle
– Chasis number of vehicle
– Consignee details (Full address & names of person collecting vehicle at Cyprus)
– Registration mark of vehicle

We ship every fortnight to Durban / Port Elizabeth 

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