Car Shipping to Kenya

The following are the regulations for importing your car to Kenya : –

Returning Kenyan passport holders are entitled to duty exemption provided they satisfy all of the following conditions:
– You must have been out of Kenya for more than two years
– Have not visited Kenya for more than 90 days cumulative in the two years
– Owned the vehicle for at least one year before shipping it into Kenya.

If an importer does not at all qualify for duty free status according to Customs prescriptions, customs may demand inspection of the whole consignment to determine value. Duty will be charged depending on the strength of clean report of findings and import declaration form.

Original documents that are needed for clearing a vehicle at the port of Mombasa:

a) Certificate of Permanent Export (V561) or Vehicle Registration Document (V5)
b) Bill of Lading.
c) CIF Invoice.

Car Import Regulations:

Cars have to be under 8 years i.e only vehicles manufactured from within 8 years can be imported into the country.
– Cars have to be Right Hand Drive. (Emergency units that are left hand drives can be allowed if they satisfy Import Regulations)
– Both Ro/Ro & Container shipping services accepted
– Cars need to be inspected by Japan Export Vehicle Inspection Center (JEVIC).
– Insurance needed

Tax regulations for cars:
Import duty : CIF price x 25%
Excise duty : (CIF price + Import duty) x 20%
VAT : (CIF price + Import duty + Excise duty) x 16%

It is vital while shipping a car to Kenya to realize the rules and regulations in Kenya for carrying out the shipping process i.e. there are some shipping restrictions which you have to familiarize yourself with before you ship your car. Knowing the rules and regulations while shipping a vehicle to Kenya would enable the shipping process to be completed with utmost safety and ease of mind. The port of entry of shipped cars in Kenya is normally Mombasa.

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