Car Shipping to Ghana,Tema

Apart from a few items which are exempted from payment of Custom Duties, all imports are subject to Import duties, Import VAT, National Health Insurance Levy. Other Levies e.g. ECOWAS Levy, Export Development and Investment Levy may be charged on some specific commodities. Import Excise is also charged as an additional tax on some imported selected items.

Import Duty is calculated on the Cost Insurance and Freight (CIF) value of the commodity while Import VAT is calculated on the duty – inclusive value of the goods.

Ship your vehicle to main ports and cities in Ghana: Accra, Asamankese, Kumasi, Tamale, Tarkwa.


Vehicle Import to Ghana

  • Customer’s presence at customs clearance will be necessary
  • Cars over five years old pay graduated penalty, according to year of manufacture
  • Size limit: above 1600cc dutiable

Documents required:

  • Customs Form C.12/SAD
  • Proof of ownership, i.e. Insurance Certificate, Registration document
  • Original Purchase Invoice

It is important for any person while shipping a car to Ghana to realize the rules and regulations in ghana for carrying out the shipping process i.e. there are some shipping restrictions which you have to familiarize yourself with before proceeding with the shipment. Knowing the rules and regulations while shipping a car to ghana would enable the shipping process to be completed with utmost safety and ease of mind. The port of entry of shipped cars in Ghana is normally Tema.

Disclaimer: Customs regulations are subject to changes. The information above is a concise summary of customs Import Regulations which is effected on vehicle shipment to this destination and is being provided as guidance to assist our clients.Because these regulations are subject to change without notice, we cannot be held liable for any costs, damage, delays, or other outcomes resulting from non – conformity. Always double check with your local embassy or custom authorities.

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