Reclaim Vat on Export Cars from the UK

Welcome to our guide on reclaiming Value Added Tax (VAT) when exporting a car from the UK. Learn how non-UK residents can save money and streamline the export process.

VAT and Car Exports: VAT is a consumption tax in the UK. Non-UK residents exporting cars outside the EU may reclaim VAT, reducing the car’s overall cost.

Eligibility for VAT Reclaim: To qualify for VAT reclaim:

  1. Non-UK resident living outside the EU.
  2. Car exported for personal use, not commercial purposes.

VAT Reclaim Process: Follow these steps for a successful VAT refund:

  1. Purchase from a VAT-registered UK dealer.
  2. Obtain sales invoice and VAT 407 form.
  3. Export the car within three months.
  4. Submit documents for VAT refund.

Expert Assistance: Navigating VAT reclaim can be complex. Seek advice from specialists or customs agents for a smooth process.

Conclusion: Reclaiming VAT on car exports helps non-UK residents save money. Understand the criteria and follow the steps to enjoy significant savings on your export. Seek professional guidance for a seamless experience. Happy car export

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