Tanzania Car Shipping

For Shipping to Tanzania we recommend that you contact us around 4 – 5 business working days before the intended shipment date. This will allow us adequate time to make the booking and make all the other arrangements before shipping your car.

Transit time to Tanzania depends on the actual route taken during shipment. Usually, it takes around 21 to 30 dayst for the vessel to arrvive in Dar Es Salaam Tanzania.

The transit time may sometimes be less than that estimated. Delivery also depends on when your vehicle was loaded to ship. E.g. if your vehicle was loaded first, then it will be unloaded last and there is a possibility of delay in delivery and vice versa. Take these things into consideration when planning the transport of your vehicle.

After placing the order, your shipping will be scheduled as per the dates advised. Once the truck is assigned, the truck driver will call you to schedule a pick – up/delivery time and day. During the pick – up, a detailed inspection of the vehicle is done where the condition is noted on the shipping note/receipt that you need to sign and acknowledge.

Please note that customer must be at the destination port during importation to go through customs where applicable.

Import duty is payable when importing cars where applicable and duty charges will vary depending on the year of registration. While shipping a car to Tanzania, one can use the “duty free” option on imported cars provided if its an old car and valid documents are shown with respect to this aspect. The customs duty varies in amount depending on the age of the shipped car.


  • Copy of Log book send by scan / fax
  • OR
  • Engine number of vehicle
  • Chasis number of vehicle
  • Consignee details (person collecting vehicle at destined port)
  • Registration mark of vehicle
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