Car Shipping Cost from UK


CountryShipping Price (RORO) for Saloon Shipping Price (RORO) for 4×4
Angola (Luanda and Lobito)£693.75£1125
Australia (Brisbane, Fremantle, Melbourne, Sydney)£1800£2100
Bangladesh (Chittagong)No RORO serviceNo RORO service
Barbados (Bridgetown)enquireenquire
Benin (Cotonou)£562.50£837.50
Botswana (Gaborone)£1812.50£1937.50
Cameroon (Douala)£575£860
China (all major ports)£650£887.50
Congo (Pointe Noire)£850£1187.50
Cyprus (Limassol)£750£850
Dominica (Roseau)£1462.50£1562.50
Dubai (Jebel Ali)£700£850
Egypt (Alexandria)£781.25£912.50
Gabon (Libreville)£870£1062.50
Gambia (Banjul)£587.50£900
Ghana (Tema)£587.50£870
Grenada (St. Georges)enquireenquire
Guinea (Conakry)£681.25£800
Guyana (Georgetown)enquireenquire
Hong Kong (HK international terminal)£950£1187.50
Ivory Coast (Abidjan)£550£600
Jamaica (Kingston)£1318.75£1425
Kenya (Mombasa)£1000£1100
Liberia (Monrovia)£800£900
Malaysia (Port Klang)£1187.50£1562.50
Malta (Valletta)£750£850
Mauritius (Port Louis)£2687.50£2687.50
Morocco (Casablanca)£1375£1375
Mozambique (Maputo)enquireenquire
Namibia (Walvis Bay)£1000£1200
New Zealand (Auckland – Direct)£1750£1937.50
Nigeria (Lagos)£750£850
Pakistan (Karachi)£1250£1250
Saint Vincent & The Grenadines (Kingstown)£2000£2000
Senegal (Dakar)£550from £700
Sierra Leone (Freetown)£750£950
South Africa (Durban)£1200£1250
Sri Lanka (Colombo)£1300£1300
St. Kitts and Nevis (Basseterre)enquireenquire
St. Lucia (Castries)£1812.50£1812.50
Swaziland (Matsapa / Manzini)£1937.50£1937.50
Tanzania (Dar-es-salaam)£1000£1100
Thailand (LaemChabang)£1050£1050
Togo (Lome)£600£800
Trinidad & Tobago (Port of Spain)enquire enquire
Tunisia (Tunis)£1312.50£1312.50
Zimbabwe (Beitbridge)£1937.50£1937.50
Zimbabwe (Harare)Container onlycontainer only

Rates includes:

  • Loading of vehicles at Tilbury/Sheerness/Teesport Warehouses
  • Safety Bracing of Cargo using specialised equipment
  • Export Customs Clearance
  • Port handling charges (In UK)
  • Sea Freight to arrival destination port

Rates excludes

  • Customs fees at destination
  • Demurrage or quay rent at destination.
  • Destination storage
  • Duties, taxes or other sums due to Government departments
  • Destination customs clearance.
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