Bangladesh Custom Regulations

Before shipping a car, it would be advisable to look into matters concerning the problems that could arise when the vehicle reaches Bangladesh. Being thoroughly prepared for the formalities involved would reduce the stress for import of cars. Does the car need any physical changes to conform to the local standards? What taxes have to be paid? Is it worthwhile taking a car to Bangladesh? International car shipping means transportation of your vehicles especially your car. Our international car shipping company normally follows the actual route for shipping a car to Bangladesh. Thus, while following the actual route for shipping a car overseas we take the minimal required time to get there.

No importation for vehicles more than four years old in the case of shipment. Used cars should only be imported from the country of origin.

A certificate containing age, model number and chassis number of the used car will have to be submitted to the customs authority.

For determining date/age of the imported used car the date/age will be calculated from the first day of the next year of manufacture of chassis. Ministry of Commerce


  • Import tax is 300%, VAT is 15%
  • Embassy of Bangladesh


Duty Free

The following goods may be imported into Bangladesh without incurring customs duty.

  • 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars or 225 grams of tobacco
  • 2 bottles of alcoholic beverages (non – Muslims only)
  • A reasonable amount of perfume for personal use
  • Gifts up to the value of Tk500
  • Cameras (no restrictions)

NB: – Duty – free items may be bought at Dhaka Airport on arrival. Firearms and some animals are restricted.

Disclaimer: Customs regulations are subject to changes. The information above is a concise summary of customs regulations which is effected on household goods and vehicle shipment to this destination and is being provided as guidance to assist our clients.Because these regulations are subject to change without notice, Fastlane Shipping cannot be held liable for any costs, damage, delays, or other outcomes resulting from non – conformity. Always double check with your local embassy or custom authorities.

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