Import Custom Regulations in Brunei

– Free import by persons of 17 years or older
– 200 cigarettes or 1/2 lb. of tobacco or equivalent – 1 bottle (quart) of spirits or 1 bottle (quart) of wine – perfume and toiletwater: 1/12 gallon, of which not more than a quarter may be perfume.
NB: These Import Regulations do not affect / apply to passengers whose shipment commenced in Sabah, Sarawak and Labuan.

Restricted Items:

– Import and export of firearms must be authorized and customer must have a permit provided by the relevant police authority. – An import permit should be obtained from the destined country and an export permit from the country of departure. – Passengers must inform their nearest carrier office of their intention to transport the weapon when reservations are being made. – Also, details of the weapon must be provided at least 2 weeks before importation. – These requirements apply also to weapons transiting Brunei. Weapons will be detained in Brunei at the airport until the necessary documentation is produced. – The weapons will have to be handed over to the airline check – in staff during check – in and will be returned to the passenger upon arrival at destination.

Motor vehicles:

– Land transport and customs permit required before a car can be shipped and are subject to import duty

– All the shipments have to go through inspection

– Customer should be in the country during the clearance of cargo

Disclaimer: Customs regulations are subject to changes. The information above is a concise summary of customs regulations which is effected on household goods & vehicle shipment to this destination and is being provided as guidance to assist our clients.Because these regulations are subject to change without notice, Anon Car Shipping cannot be held liable for any costs, damage, delays, or other outcomes resulting from non – conformity. Always double check with your local embassy or custom authorities.

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