Shipping to Kenya

Fastlane international car exporters, simplest and cheapest freight forwarding company and best overseas car shipping service to Kenya. Whatever type of car your shipping, whether a car, motorbike, truck, 4×4 or van we will deliver it safely to its overseas export port. We have more than 3 years experience in the export industry made mostly viable by car Shipping to Kenya. Overseas car shipping from anywhere in the UK.

We export cars to Mombasa and in addition can get a transport carrier to move your cargo to any city in Kenya. Shipping to Kenya can be done on the Ro/Ro basis and use of containerl vessels. Check our prices online and give us a call to get your car / personal items booked early in advance to avoid any last minute rush! Our Kenyan Car Shipping service also includes sourcing, purchasing, transporting and shipping vehicles of clients preference.

Fastlane Auto Exporters is an international car Sourcing company based in UK that offers Sourcing and exporting. We Source new and used cars all over the UK.
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