Car Shipping to Nigeria

We specialize in shipping Cars and Personal effects from UK to Nigeria (Lagos,Tincan island and Apapa).

We can either ship the cars to Nigeria on Ro/Ro( roll on/roll off) or in containers. Each basis or method has its advantages, with Ro/Ro overseas shipping your car will need to be taken to the port and then secured inside the special vehicle carrier ship. What it involves is the car will driven onto the vessel at the point of origin and then drive it off the vessel at the point of destination i.e Apapa,Lagos and Tincan Island.

Fastlane shipping can load 1,2 and 3 cars per container. We recommend loading 3 cars per container to Nigeria (Apapa Tincan Island and Lagos).We also offer regular groupage service to Nigeria (Apapa,Lagos/Tincan Island)

For All shipments to Nigeria (Tincan,Lagos,Apapa), one has to obtain a Cargo tracking number as required by the Nigerian Government. The CTN has to be obtained in the UK prior to Shipment.

Fastlane Auto Exporters is an international car Sourcing company based in UK that offers Sourcing and exporting. We Source new and used cars all over the UK.
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