Overseas Shipping to Bangladesh

With an ever increasing number of Bangladeshi population who are leaving in the UK wanting to send their vehicles back home, there has never been a greater need for a better shipping services. Although there might be so many other shipping companies offering this service already, our fast class and dedicated service coupled with our wealth of experience clearly separates us from the rest.

We have been  shipping vehicles to Bangladesh for many years now and our experience and local knowledge is invaluable.  Our staff are well trained and very familiar with all the import and export rules of the country and they will ensure that you fulfil all the government requirements before you ship your vehicle so that the clearance process will go smoothly without any hindrance.

We will ensure that your vehicle reaches its destination within the prescribed time limit at a very reasonable price.

Because the safety of your vehicle is our priority, your vehicle will be shipped in a container which provides outmost security and ensures that it does not get damaged by way of  dents or scratches during loading and unloading process or get knocked about during the voyage.  You can choose from the either a 20ft container or 40ft container depending on the size or number of vehicles you want shipped.

So for peace of mind, join other Bangladeshis  who have made the right choice and used our services and your satisfaction will be guaranteed.  You can use the nearest UK port near you by either delivering your vehicle to us yourself or we can collect it ourselves from whatever location at a minimal fee.

Fast lane is here for you.

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